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Claddagh Rings

Taken from Irish culture, the claddagh ring is a traditional piece of jewellery that represents love, loyalty, and friendship. The hands represents friendship, the heart represents love, and the crown represents loyalty.

Available with a selection of different stones, we have a great a selection for both men and women. Check out our exclusively designed traditional Irish claddagh rings for a meaningful piece you will always treasure.
Claddagh Rings - Banner
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Mens Claddagh Ring
C$58.95 C$46.95
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Irish Claddagh Ring
C$99.95 C$66.95
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Opal Claddagh Ring
C$73.95 C$54.95
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Green Claddagh Ring
C$73.95 C$49.95
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Claddagh Ring
C$62.95 C$47.95
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Rose Gold Claddagh Ring
C$99.95 C$77.95
Claddagh Ring Set
C$73.95 C$53.95
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Pink Claddagh Ring
C$86.95 C$59.95
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