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What colours go with silver? tips on how to wear your silver jewellery

What colours go with silver jewellery?

This is an important question that people aren’t always quite sure how to answer. Why do we even have to choose a colour that ‘fits’, surely the simplicity and everyday look of silver makes it easy to wear with anything - but that is not necessarily true. It comes down to a matter of taste and personal style - all of which we’re going to discuss here in order to break down how and with what do you wear your silver jewellery.

What colour goes with silver?

Silver usually goes best with black but can also look amazing with white and gray. Officially, these are considered shades and not colours. These shades contrast well with silver, making us aware of its presence with it not being overpowered by colour. With black you can wear any piece of silver jewellery and It’ll look fabulous, shining bright against the darkness of the cloth. With grey and white it’s best to go big - statement pieces work really well in how they make a basic, even bland outfit stand strong, bringing a wow factor to your attire. If you’re not looking for a statement piece, another option would be to layer and mix silver and golds.

Silver wears beautifully with dark navy or royal blue - These deep, sultry colours create a stunningly comfortable background for the silver to sit with, this is also true for warm purple or bordeaux/burgundy colours. These all happen to be winter colours too, which is interesting because the silver, kind of, represents the sparkling effect of the winter weather and festivities. A perfect outfit for a cool winter's evening would be a royal blue dress, complemented with a long silver necklace.

The most influential colours that compliment silver are:

  • Black
  • Dark Navy / Royal Blue
  • White / Cream
  • Burgundy

Designs and styles

What Colours Go with Silver JewelleryIf the dress is busy, i.e. has patterns or shapes, then you are better to stick with a shorter, less detailed necklace that complements the outfit but won’t overwhelm it. This being said it is best to stay away from wearing multicoloured clothing with silver, as it does not complement it, in fact quite the opposite, it swallows it. For a simple/basic dress, i.e. minor detail or colour, then it’s is probably better to wear a long, semi-statement pendant on a chain like a monogram necklace - this will give the outfit more excitement without drowning out the simplicity of the outfit.

How to wear Silver in the summer

White is as much a summer colour as it is a winter colour so you can wear white with silver jewellery, all year round. What we need to know now is what colour does not go with silver:

  • Stay away from pastel colours such as lilac, light greens and pasty pinks. Silver does not mesh well with them and tends to lose its visibility within a cloud of pale colours.
  • Relatively if the colour is too bright it can also clash so try to stay away from wearing luminous greens and yellows, they just eat up the silver so that you barely see it.
  • Cooler tones that look great with silver jewellery are colours such as a soft peach, ice pink or vanilla yellow – a shade of colour that lies between ‘pastels’ and ‘bright’.

Tailored pieces

Customized details of a piece of silver jewellery are important aspects in fitting it to the outfit. First thing to do is decide how you are customizing the necklace. If you’re bejeweling it with stones or crystals you must ensure the colours of the gems stand out. They either must be of colour or size. As in, if it is a large, clear diamond, you’re good to go with that, but if you’re adding small stones to a silver pendant then clear or pearl gems just may not be colourful enough for people to notice. You can mix the colours of the gems but only with a very simple, uni-coloured outfit. Turquoise and silver jewellery go great with black or basic outfits.

Just be you
What is most important in all of this is that you are comfortable. If you are not style-inclined then use our tips and remember never to overdo it, nor under do it - just ensure you are wearing the right colours to complement your silver jewellery and the right silver jewellery to complement your outfit.

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